Gary Charles / Brigitte Hart

Renzo Spiteri / Sian Hutchings

OPENING // WED 07/03 at 5PM with performances by Renzo Spiteri & Daniel Linn-Pearl

Exhibition Closes 18/03

opening times THUR – SUN // 12 – 5PM


East Oxford Community Centre, Princes Street, Oxford, OX4 1DD

During a residency at Fusion Arts in January, four artists, Gary Charles, Brigitte Hart, Sian Hutchings and Renzo Spiteri, were given access to the charities’ archive and to the proposed redevelopment plans for the East Oxford Community Centre. They also spoke and listened to people who are a part of a network of organisations based at the EOCC. Drawing from a rich history of lives, actions and events, the artists-in-residence are presenting work that reflects moments, both personal and communal, in the history of the community centre; from its time as a school, to the artistic programmes and social support that it continues to foster and provide. This exhibition represents not only the history of activity on this site, but also its buildings and their purpose ahead of their planned demolition. In resounding and making anew, Re-Sounding contributes to an ever-developing archive that celebrates the people of East Oxford and the wider city itself.

Renzo Spiteri & Daniel Linn-Pearl
_001: Conversations

Renzo Spiteri and Dan Linn-Pearl are currently pursuing their Masters Degree in Sound Arts at Oxford Brookes University. Both share a common interest and passion for live improvisation, field recording and composition. This will be their first performance together. Renzo’s resonating found objects and other materials will be in conversation with Dan’s experimental use of his guitar, exploring the possibilities therein.

Multi-percussionist and sound artist Renzo Spiteri has been working for many years in improvised and experimental situations. The use of sound, both in its pure and raw aspect, as well as in manipulated forms has become his main practice through solo works, and through compositions and collaborations with choreographers, visual artists and filmmakers amongst others. His work has taken him to over 30 countries worldwide.
Dan Linn-Pearl is a guitarist, freelancing sound artist and film-maker, specialising in music, film and moving image, radio, sound installation, location recording, live improvisation and composition. He is also part of Gwaith Sŵn; a London-based collective working principally with sound. We promote exhibitions, performance evenings and produce a monthly show for award-winning London arts radio station Resonance104.4FM.

Gary Charles
The Reanimation of Polly Tacks

Talking with the local community revealed their sense of pride and nostalgia regarding activities that had taken place in the community centre. Memories of events and actions involving activism and campaigning remain especially vivid – making a difference. The archives provided evidence of these memories, including documentation of the construction of a large marionette, or Gigantona, called Polly Tacks. Polly stands as an embodiment of protest. Created for the Poll Tax demonstrations of 1990, she was built and housed in the community centre, and was taken on protests and demonstrations during the period. My creative response is to re-imagine Polly Tacks for the modern era.

The project can be seen as both a celebration of past activities that have taken place in the centre, and a mourning of future contractions of community space. My response uses a shade of green taken from the architectural proposals for the future EOCC. In the aesthetic language of property development this might signify freshness, coolness, the new. However, this shade of green is also used in digital media to isolate characters, displace them, transport them to other worlds, or other times. This colour provides the landscape for the reanimation of Polly Tacks.

Gary Charles is an interdisciplinary artist working across sound, film, performance, installation, and web-based work – as well as releasing music as The Static Hand. Through manipulation and re-imagining of sound, voice and image, his work aims to uncover paths connecting disparate histories with present-day cultural and social realities. Charles is an associate practitioner at Sonic Arts Research Unit (SARU) at Oxford Brookes University, having completed the MA programme there. 

Brigitte Hart
Public Address

Brigitte Hart is an Australian sound and performance artist currently based in London. Specialising in voice, violin and environmental recordings her work spans improvisation, installation, composition, production and sound design. Brigitte has developed installations and performed with The Sound Portal, The Tate Modern and Tate Britain as well as The Barbican with sound design for a short film featured at the New York International Film Festival. Most recently, Brigitte has travelled to the Limpopo region of South Africa to take part in a sonic art residency & workshop with experimental artist and ecologist Fransisco Lopez.

Sian Hutchings
Drury Tap

Siân Hutchings is an artist whose practice is grounded upon how we can understand environments through an ‘active’ listening approach. Her work often considers an equality of the senses and works as an ‘aural architect’ first termed by Barry Blesser and Linda-Ruth Salter in their book ‘Spaces Speak, Are you listening?’. Her work often incorporates participation with her audience whether that may be through joining her on a sonic walk, generating paper compositions and listening to paint dry. Through her work, Siân aims to highlight the importance of sonic understanding and how we can navigate experience through a multitude of senses rather than just relying on the western dominant sense of the eye.