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James Green
Sounding 24h

Sounding 24h - Aberdeen will be the 3rd iteration of its kind, centring around the sounds of a defined area throughout 24 hours. The series was designed to help me connect with the new areas I became to call home, helping me to understand them in a more expansive way. The Aberdeen edition focusses of the huge variation of geographical and ecological features Aberdeen has to hold, from its historic rivers, bruising coastline, varied wildlife and human populous. Sounding 24h - Aberdeen aims to fuse these shifting bodies through text and sound to give an intimate perspective of the granite city and its surrounding areas.

James Green is a sound artist whose practice includes performance, installation and composition with a focus on the theme of duration and time. To spotlight these themes, urban soundscapes play a major role in his work. As more and more people integrate into smaller spaces, sound and its shift over time can give us a unique insight into understanding spaces, and how they are changing and reacting to the factors that create them. In Green’s work, he hopes to highlight how a sense of place is moulded out of the experiences people have within their environment, showcasing the sounds that are ever-present in our lives. He is currently based in Aberdeen and is a recent graduate of Goldsmiths University.

Lucía Hinojosa
Forgetting 1993

A multi-media installation revealing the process of Forgetting 1993, an interdisciplinary research project exploring memory through sound as the residue of relation. The installation is comprised of a sound composition, score-portraits and sketch notations, as well as a container in the center of the room holding water and transparent film slides, casting shadows on the ceiling. Forgetting 1993 explores the conditions of remembering through sound and memory’s attachment to photographic family archives, exploring how intimacy, imagination, social and political imprints remain and erode in the mind.

Lucía Hinojosa is an interdisciplinary artist, writer and editor. Her practice develops through a series of conceptual, ephemeral gestures and performative trajectories as a method of investigation that results in a corpus of visual, sonic, and text-based works. She is the founding member of diSONARE, a bilingual editorial project that focuses on hybrid art & writing practices. She has shown her work, films and performed internationally and her writing has appeared in journals and publications in Mexico and abroad.

Jacek Smolicki
Inaudible Cities

The installation takes the form of a para-archive, an intuitively composed repository of multi-modal findings from the suburbs including field recordings, debris, elements of organic matter, broken and semi-functional components of mundane infrastructures, notes, photographs and makeshift instruments whose role is to invoke the often imperceptible soundscapes of Stockholm peripheries.

Jacek Smolicki is a Stockholm-based interdisciplinary artist, designer, researcher and soundwalker exploring intersections of aesthetics, technology, documentation and everyday life. In his design and art practice, besides engaging with existing archives and heritage, Smolicki develops new techniques for mapping, field-recording, experiencing, and para-archiving human and other-than-human environments. His work is manifested through soundscape compositions, soundwalks, para-archives, site responsive performances, audio-visual installations, creative writing, and experimental cartographies. He has exhibited, presented his works, performed, soundwalked, and gave workshops internationally (e.g. Kraków, Madrid, Moscow, Helsinki, Stockholm, San Francisco, Budapest, Vienna, Sarajevo, Newcastle). /

Kathryn Tovey
Walking With Another

Recorded over the past five months, voices are recalled, routes are drawn and found objects are replicated into playful instruments as part of an interactive installation that explores how daily interactions shape understanding of an entangled landscape.

Kathryn Tovey is a visual artist and part-time dog walker based in Liverpool. Her work often brings together site specific performance, video documentation and spoken word in layered works that invite the audience to reflect on human relationships with the natural world. Focusing on the complex relationships people have with their domestic canine companions, she will map out her journeys and conversations whilst walking with another.

Paul Whitty
Take It To The Corner!

Whatever else you see while watching Checkendon Exiles v Wheatley King and Queen in the Upper Thames Valley Sunday League or Algeria v Senegal in the African Cup of Nations Final, you will definitely notice the corner flags. They have been an essential part of the material culture of football, from the grassroots to the professional game for over a hundred years, giving the referee a fighting chance of identifying whether the ball has gone off for a throw-in or a corner-kick.

Paul Whitty is Professor of Composition at Oxford Brookes University and a Director of the Sonic Art Research Unit.

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