Knowing Another is Endless: FUSION / ARK-T

Places can be familiar and unfamiliar at the same time, shifting both in relation to external factors and according to one’s mood, thoughts and perceptions. How might we find, or create, new meaning and relevance in a world that is dizzyingly kaleidoscopic? The residency undertaken this year as part of the audiograft festival focuses on mapping another knowing – a philosophical re-worlding and sensory placemaking – of three East Oxford sites, chosen specifically for their dynamic positions in Oxford.

Harriet Butler, Helen Frosi and Renzo Spiteri spent time at Fusion Arts, Ark-T and the Castle Car Park, absorbing the individual natural and cultural histories of the sites, through various acts of engagement, like the weaving of speculative fictions and sonic imagination through oral histories, road maps and archive materials…

The associated exhibitions and activities invite you to explore and rework these spaces into new ecologies and personal constellations.


A series of events born out of the audiograft Artists’ Residency, with a focus on mapping, placemaking and re-worlding through sound



Page Patina Trace

FRI – SUN, 12 – 6pm / FUSION, 44B Princes St, OX4 1DD

In response to the embodied histories of the two arts centres – Fusion and Ark-T – inhabited during the audiograft residency, personal objects and surfaces integral to the workings of these places will be set alongside their sonic partners, opening up a new world of storytelling and exploration.

Lines and Points

FRI – SAT, 12 -6pm / ARK – T, Crowell Rd, OX4 3LN

The artists have each created a personal mapping of the area in which they have been temporarily resident. Mappings that route and trace senses, stories and places. 

“Knowing another is endless. The thing to be known grows with the knowing.”
Nan Shepherd
Writer and Poet

performances / workshops / walks

Of Square and Oval Windows

PERFORMANCE at the Launch

THU 14/03, 8pm

An immersive audio reworking of a car park, guiding you on a journey from concrete and brick through to speculative histories, and expansive vantages. Experience how buildings have agency – building that can listen, and how rivered worlds, ears as shells and flocking behaviours all have their place in concrete.

This immersive audio narrative is a promenade performance that features the use of wireless headphones.

Please wear sturdy shoes and clothes appropriate to the weather.

Capacity limited.

Tickets are first-come-first-served and they will be provided at the LAUNCH at OVADA on the day from 6pm. 

Mapping Workshop

All ages

FRI 15/03, 10-midday

What are maps and how do we use them? And how might we navigate a city using our ears? Join Harriet, Helen and Renzo for a workshop that opens up the world of mapping to the eyes and ears.

Bookings: FREE but capacity limited.


44B Princes St, OX4 1DD



SAT 16/03, 10am

A guided sound-walk that will pay attention to the multifarious sensory elements of East Oxford, and explore the boundary lines of the area. The walk will be followed by tea and conversation at Fusion Arts.

Please wear sturdy shoes and clothes appropriate to the weather.

Duration: aprox. 90min.

Bookings: FREE but capacity limited.


44B Princes St, OX4 1DD

Show and Tell

Closing Event

SUN 17/03, 5pm

You are invited to the closing event of the Artists’ Residency to explore the exhibition together. This is an occasion to get involved.  Please bring an object that means something to you. While at Fusion we will share our stories behind why these objects are important to us, the senses they conjure up, and the memories they evoke.

Bring an object that is important to you, or reminds you of something or someone. This object should be easy to carry about your person. We will be sitting and collecting.

Capacity limited. Book HERE.


44B Princes St, OX4 1DD

Harriet Butler is a composer, performer and sound artist. She explores practices in field recording, experimental and electronic writing, improvisation and installation. Harriet is a recent graduate of Oxford Brookes University where she studied for an MA in Music, with a focus on experimental composition and sonic art. She continues to participate with the Sonic Art Research Unit as a Postgraduate Research Assistant.

Helen Frosi is an artist whose practice researches the social, cultural and political aspects of sound and listening. Helen is fascinated by the resonance and poetics of place, especially where landscapes acting both as memory palace and palimpsest. Helen is Co-Curator of Longplayer Day, a festival focusing on time, duration and long-term thinking and her latest project, EnCOUnTErs, sits at the nexus between art and ecology, with a focus on the sonic imagination. Helen is Director of SoundFjord a nomadic curatorial platform, Founder of Visible Near Midnight Recordings, and a visiting research fellow at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Renzo Spiteri is a percussionist, sound artist and composer who uses the sonic environment around him as primary source material that not only sets the tone to his work, but is also a powerful source of inspiration. His work merges improvisation, field recording, sound collection, composition and sound design, and is presented in installations, live performances and sonic material for film/moving image that he creates. Through his work, Renzo seeks to bring about a deeper sensorial engagement between listeners / audiences and his work, be it in public spaces, performance venues, film, art galleries and museums.

audiograft is curated by the SARU (Sonic Arts Research Unit) at Oxford Brookes University and co-promoted by OCM.