SAT 21/03

2:00pm – 5:00pm

Fusion Arts. 44B Princes ST, Oxford OX4 1DD

PWYD (Pay What You Decide)


This performance will make use of sounds recorded all over the world to explore the concepts of layers and sediment, and how we can uncover new layers of meaning, feeling and experience by changing how we listen to the world around us. 


Conceptual performance exploring the accumulation of information from the real world experience. As we negotiate this three dimensional realm we apply label, meaning and consequence to the phenomena we encounter. The result is a database of description to reinforce our idealisms and moral trajectory. The path shimmers with a sense of free will, in our endless quest to reconcile what we know, with how we perceive it.


This piece will be performed by physically moving gravel and burying a guitar in it. This intended performance is a simple idea but will result as a live experiment in extended guitar playing techniques or prepared guitar an area of Lee's ongoing practices.

Cities and Memory works with field recordings as a musical and creative source material to develop recomposed and reimagined sounds of the world.

Dan Linn-Pearl is a Welsh-born artist and film maker based in Mid Wales. He has produced work within the sphere of sound installation, public art, radio work, live performance and experimental composition. He is a founding member of UK-based Sound art collective Gwaith Sŵn and Wales-based experimental music concert curators NAWR.

Lee Riley describes himself as a sound artist who has been making and performing experimental music under various names and projects since 2007. He has been described as having a “pure art approach to soundscape and noise”. In October 2012, he completed an MA in Composition and Sonic Art at Oxford Brookes University. Since then he has been involved in curating sound art exhibitions as part of Fringe Arts Bath festival and organising experimental music events. He continues to perform and record both solo and in UNMAN a collaborative noise ensemble. His main practices are improvised drone soundscapes using extended guitar techniques, painting and photography.


Sifting through different layers of local soundscapes to discover new elements and new ways of listening to familiar environments. 4:1 field recordings will be performed through custom-built multi-channel software, transforming the soundscapes into pulsating rhythms and complex patterns. The sounds will be filtered to bring different layers focus, exploring the many regions of sediment lost in our day-to-day hearing experience. We will respond to these layers through instrumental improvisation, re-imagining and re-contextualising each, normally unnoticed, strata of sound.Listeners will journey through the full texture of a sound, before stepping out into the real, multi-dimensional auditory world with a new sense of depth and sediment that makes familiar sound environments seem new again.

Experimental duo mishmashing pop, jazz, prog and electronics to bring you ‘strange but lovely’ songs with a ‘one of a kind sound’. Limpet Space Race formed in Paris, December 2017 with Niko O’Brien (FR/IT) on percussion/guitar/electronics/clarinet and Hannah ‘Jakes’ Jacobs (UK) on vocals/synths/various bits and bobs. They are now based in Oxford. www.limpetspacerace.co.uk