Lucía Hinojosa Gaxiola is an interdisciplinary artist whose time-based practice develops through ephemeral and conceptual gestures that result in a corpus of visual, sonic and text-based works

As part of audiograft 2021, we’re delighted to release Lucía’s ‘Rezo (insect poems)’,a high vibratory study of the concomitant life found wandering among filligrees of divinatory breath and poetic mantras of oscillation

Lucía has been in dialogue with Ruth Wiesenfeld of TOWARDS SOUND. Initiated by the composer Ruth Wiesenfeld in 2020, TOWARDS SOUND sees itself as an archive, network and educational project focused on visible traces of a creative process geared towards all sound based arts. Notes, sketches, drawings – inspired artifacts at the threshold between imagination and realization, created before the score or any kind of music notation, are collected in the The Fleeting Archive of TOWARDS SOUND. The Fleeting Archive is of a fluctuating and nomadic nature, its contributions remain the property of the artists. Without a fixed location, the archive travels to institutions and venues in the field of contemporary music in all its contexts, bringing the valuable witnesses of a creative journey out of the drawer and letting them become part of the current discourse in contemporary art.