Music & the Climate Crisis - what are we doing?

THUR 19/03

10:00am – 11:45am

The Barn, St John’s College, OX1 3JP

PWYD (Pay What You Decide)

OCM presents a special cluster of events within audiograft’s 10th festival that celebrate some of the artists who have been on their Boom scheme over the last 5 years. You can watch them perform, meet them (and other audiograft artists), and join in discussion sessions with them, all in the hidden secret that is the Barn in St John’s College, right in Oxford’s city centre

Music & the Climate Crisis - what are we doing?

An interactive discussion session, introduced with provocations from four artists from OCM’s Boom programme whose current work is delving into the climate crisis and the role music has to play in bringing about change, including Sarah Nicolls, and Emma Smith, whose work you can experience on Wednesday night. What approaches can music take when it comes to responding to climate change and the environmental challenges we're facing? What powers can music offer to inspire, raise questions, and create space for reflection?