Basel May 2016

Parkinson – Saunders / Irene Kurka /  PAUL WHITTY

FRI 20/03

7:30 – 10:00PM

Holywell Music Room. Oxford OX1 3SD

PWYD (Pay What You Decide)


Parkinson Saunders are composer/performers Tim Parkinson and James Saunders. Seated at two tables they perform music for any sound producing means, other than conventional instrumentation. This can include elementary percussion or electronics, toys, domestic appliances, recyclable junk, and voices, creating a tabletop orchestra of possibilities.

Parkinson-Saunders’s repertoire is either conventionally notated, or graphic scores and prose notation, mostly recent music, some of which has been written with this duo in mind, but also interpretations of older works (for example from 1960s such as the school of Cage, Fluxus, and British and European experimental music). The music has at its core a joyful focus on the fundamental materiality of sound and its resultant effect upon us, building music from elementary and simple means, combined with an unintentional theatre, resulting in a world of shared surprise and wonder rediscovering the potential of our everyday so


Multifaceted soprano Irene Kurka will sing a diverse bill of music by Hildegard of Bingen, Antoine Beuger, and James Weeks.

Irene Kurka has received many awards and scholarships. She sings recitals, opera and oratorio throughout Germany, Europe and the United States. Within the realm of contemporary music, she is in great demand; many composers (Eggert, Corbett, Weeks, Muntendorf, Frey, Kampe, Seither, Brass, Beuger, Pisaro etc.) wrote and dedicated new creative output for her to perform as well as record. She has premiered over 240 pieces. Since 2009 Irene has focussed intensively on the repertory for unacoompanied voice (Hildegard von Bingen, Nono, Berio, Cage, Bauckholt, Brass, Beuger, Stäbler, etc.). In April 2018 she succesfully started the podcast, ‘neue musik leben’, there are also English episodes with Antoine Beuger, Michael Pisaro, Tom Johnson, and others.


Paul Whitty is a composer and sound researcher. He is co-founder of the Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) at Oxford Brookes University. He spends a lot of time marking out white lines on football pitches and coaches at Crowmarsh Youth Football Club and Wallingford Town AFC.

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