audiograft finissage event

SAT 17/03 3 – 5PM

OVADA 14A Osney Ln, Oxford OX1 1NJ

Join us on Saturday for the final event of this year’s audiograft. Experience Simon Blackmore demonstrating the interactive possibilities of his installation How we communicate followed by to make miscible, this, a site-specific sound performance by Felicity Rose Barrow & Samuel Rodgers.

The exhibition at OVADA closes on SUN 18/03, so you can also see this as your chance to get another look at the show, while helping us say Auf Wiedersehen to this year’s amazing audiograft.

How we communicate

Simon Blackmore

(dur. 30 min.)

Talk and interactive demonstration

How we communicate is an experimental body of work that responds to the increased use of text based communication devices in our daily lives. Simon invites audiences to engage with how machines communicate, the materiality of data, and to explore the musical and performative potential of reenacting these processes and the mechanical limits of the human performance.

to make miscible, this

Felicity Rose Barrow & Samuel Rodgers

(dur. 1 hour)

installation / performance. sound – movement – objects.

to make miscible, this is a performance-installation exploring the visual and sonic translucence of materials; where the sound of disparate materials and actions merge and become one, or veil and reveal one another. The performance plays with what is heard and seen and what is not (or thought-not), opening spatial relationships between things and our bodily relation to them. Our interactions with these materials will leave a trace in the gallery, sitting in relation to the work installed in the exhibition.

Simon Blackmore makes performative sculptures and installations using sound and custom-made technology. In 2006 he was nominated for the Becks Futures Prize, he was artist in residence in Universidad de Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia in 2007, and in 2008 he was awarded the Berwick Gymnasium Fellowship. In September 2013 his work was presented in a solo show at Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, Ridgefield, USA. He is also a founding member of the art group Owl Project,. He is currently doing a PhD at Oxford Brookes and is a Lecturer in Fine Art at Liverpool Hope University.
Samuel Rodgers‘ practice encompasses performance, composition and phonography, and explores the material and spatial aspects of sound and listening. He is a member of contemporary music group the Set Ensemble, and co-curates the Consumer Waste record label
Felicity Rose Barrow’s practice seeks to explore what it means to be human, how the world works and the possibility that magical things are happening all around us. Communication and emotions such as love, longing, joy and loss play a central role in her investigations. She is also interested in the idea that we are in constant dialogue with everything that exists around us. Nothing is static, one thing endlessly becomes another in an ongoing state of flux.