Ensemble Studio6
(Richard Barrett & Milana Zarić)


Wesley Memorial Church, New Inn Hall St, OX1 2DH

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Secluded Bronte & James Holcombe /
Jin Sangtae / Ryoko Akama


Old Fire Station, 40 George st, OX1 2AQ

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Ensemble Studio6
(Richard Barrett & Milana Zarić)

Close-up for electroacoustic sextet (recorder, trumpet, accordion, harp, cello and computer) is the result of a close collaboration between Richard Barrett and Ensemble Studio6 which began in April 2013. Each of its six parts explores a different angle on the relationship between pre-composed and spontaneously improvised musical actions – sometimes one, sometimes the other, sometimes in distinct combinations and sometimes merging together. While not being in any way programmatic or illustrative, many aspects of close-up derive from a contemplation of natural and biological phenomena, from the complexity of forests to the microscopic details of their smallest inhabitants (hence the title).

Ensemble Studio 6  gathers internationally acclaimed soloists and performers of contemporary composed and improvised music. The ensemble encourages an open dialogue between listening, interpreting and creating in contemporary artistic practices. The Ensemble’s activities range from Serbian first performances of 20th and 21st century solo and ensemble works, to educational courses for students and performances of experimental pieces by younger generations of composers, improvisers and sound artists. Special attention is given to commissioning and creative collaboration on new pieces, as well as multi-disciplinary collaborations. richardbarrettmusic.com / studio6.st 

strum ström
Ryoko Akama

This installation-like performance is a sculptural sound work, using sound,movement and second-hand objects. It is a response to the space, noticing small details of surfaces and structures. She examines cause-and-effect and fragility, as well as gravity, wind, and magnetic force in order for found objects to be re-purposed and be a part of a new dialogue.

Ryoko Akama is a sound artist / composer / performer, who approaches minimalistic compositions that magnify silence, time and space and offer quiet temporal/spatial experiences. Her works examine delicate and fragile objects such as paper balloons and glass bottles, creating tiny occurrences that embody ‘almost nothing’ aesthetics. Her performance and installation works are comprised of automated mundane objects and simple electronics in order to produce spontaneous vibration activities. She runs melange edition label, amespace and co-edits mumei publishing. ryokoakama.com

Jin Sangtae


Since entering orbit, the world has continued to repeat itself. By repeating the same world, it could have entered orbit. I don’t know where this orbit is heading- anywhere with an orbital force. I don’t know how many times the same world repeats. Materials connected to hard drives. And space connected to them. I am aware of it and start to play but I don’t know if I’m right. It was not a connection that was believed to be a connection and it could have been a brief intersection. If it was a brief intersection, I’m interested in that point. Like the universe. I just believe that there is an individual universe in everything even though I forget about it very often. A moment of oblivion. The moment I forget it, the world will enter another orbit and will repeat itself.

Born in 1975 in Seoul, Korea, Jin Sangtae performs with non-musical objects collected through his experience, projected into instruments, and then re-organised into the space. He uses hard drives and several materials that can be connected as a main instruments, and he also plays laptops, radios, car horns and electronics. He’s been uploading online his composition ‘Year’ via mobile phone everyday since 2015. He founded ‘dotolim’ (a small space for improvised music) and has been organising the ‘dotolim concert series’ since 2008 as well as the festival ‘dotolimpic’ in 2012, 2013 and 2017. popmusic25.com

in Duat
Secluded Bronte &
James Holcombe

The loop is perhaps one of the defining aspects of late 20th and early 21st century popular culture. It is an existential expression of just how deeply embedded repetition is within our lives – the repetitive patterns imposed on our lives; the industrialised deja vu that is work; the constant stream of repetitive self-assertion that is social media. Or contemplate the cosmic dimension… the earth’s orbit around the sun, the demand of night for day and day for night. Perhaps in the broadest possible terms the loop is a manifestation of theological concepts of resurrection and reincarnation. in Duat pools together abstract reflections on the nature, history and mythology of loops using 16mm film loops, sound and music loops, looping choreography and a looping palindromic script that takes place within a theatrical structure that is in itself a loop. in Duat has no end, and no beginning. It is infinity, a circle unbroken. An Ouroboros.

Richard Thomas is an artist, musician, performer, and writer, and is one third of Secluded Bronte with Adam and Jonathan Bohman. He is a writer and reviewer for publications such as The Wire Magazine. Adam and Jonathan Bohman have been key figures in experimental underground music for decades as performers and curators of improvised and experimental music. Their practice encompasses unconventional instrumentation, contact miked objects, collage, drawing, and graphic notation. James Holcombe’s work combines a process based material engagement with photochemical film and the chance outcomes possible through expanded projection and improvisation across sound and image. secludedbrontemusic.tumblr.com / jamesholcombe.net