Katsura Mouri / Martin Howse / Vicky Langan / Yann Leguay


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terra muta 00 by Martin Howse

Within a dirty laboratory setting, Terra Muta performs a giving of voice literally to the silent earth, to the already voiced crow (members of the Corvus family) and to the silent and darkened earth worm (Lumbricus terrestris). These two latter creatures give and take a material voice from the earth, and are implicated mythically and materially within cycles of decay, death and rebirth (rewritten as Nigredo, and Albedo). During a performance which unites deep earth currents and atmospheric signals with vocal beak and tongue fragility, both voice (material carrier for meaning or for nonsense), and the voiced (that non-sense) are derived directly from the earth using custom software tools, material electronics, and physical simulation analogues.

Martin Howse is occupied with an artistic investigation of the links between the earth, software and the human psyche. Through the construction of experimental situations (within process-driven performance, laboratories, walks, and workshops), material art works and texts, he explores the rich links between substance or materials and execution or protocol, excavating issues of visibility and of hiding within the world. For the last ten years he has collaborated on many open-laboratory style projects and performed, published, lectured and exhibited diversely. He is equally the creator of the skin-driven audio divination module, aka. The Dark Interpreter. 1010.co.uk 

Vicky Langan is a Cork-based artist whose practice operates across several often overlapping fields, chiefly performance, sound, and film. Langan both embraces and projects vulnerability, offering an intimate territory loaded with personal symbolism and unguarded emotion. With a focus on the sounds of the body and its functions, involving contact-­miked skin, amplified breath and live electronic manipulation, Langan’s work sits between sound and performance art. Using simple raw materials such as domestic objects, hair and tape, she layers physical gestures and scraps of sound to create intensely personal imaginary landscapes. Mundane domesticity is explored as a temporal space where the material body and sensual inner worlds mesh. In opening herself emotionally, she creates warm yet discomforting rituals that at once embrace the viewer and remain resolutely private, exploring the limits of what can be shared between people and what must remain mysterious. www.vickylangan.com



Novum Organum by Katsura Mouri

A performance by various noises generated from portable record player.

Katsura Mouri is an experimental turntablist exploring unique ways to play the turntable with portable record players and effects. She has toured throughout Europe with other turntablists such as eRikM, Martin Tetreault, Ignaz Schick, and took part in the Multipletap tour and the LUFF Festival, Switzerland. During 1998 – 2009, she was a member of the experimental turntable group Busratch. In 2001, she played with Christian Marclay at the MCA Chicago.  ameblo.jp/katsura-mouri 

quad core by Yann Leguay

Interacting with the materiality of audio medias and data storage as a raw material to produce full control and unpredictable instruments. Several hard-drives are used as turntables, hacked in many different ways, crossing the entire range from analog to digital and reverse, creating physical rhythms, feedback and deviant behavior.

Brussels-based sound artist Yann Leguay, defined as a media saboteur, seeks to fold the sound materiality in on itself using basic means in the form of objects and videos or during installations and performances he has presented in many places and festival in Europe and further. His Phonotopy label proposes a conceptual approach to recording media and he also curates the DRIFT series on the Artkillart label which overlays several grooves onto a single record, causing randomised playback. phonotopy.org