Julius Eastman Spoken

Ahh yess yess
I live in the world
I like to write
I live like a wandering monk
I have sensuous delights, i love sensuality
I love to love, i love to love yes i do , oh pleasant love
You know , i’ve been fighting with the lord for a long long long time
Oh love , oh love let me rest , rest in peace.
I guess if somebody really wanted it, not that many people are just banging on my door for this or for that, so i usually just imagine the music more or less.
But the things i do usually sing are spontaneous
I just wish for pure essence, I don’t mess around with anything else.
I think that those who hear can hear it, hear what i’m trying to say
Oh love in thy bosom, let me rest , oh love , oh love, let me rest
Rest in peace in thy bosom , let me rest