a.hop / Peter Strickmann / Daisy Hildyard / Atefeh Einali / Rebekah Alero




a.hop present the second audio/video actualisation of three text compositions :

a rhythm and portrait song (Ryoko Akama, 2021)

a.hop is a newly-formed international band whose aim is to perform diverse compositions and ideas. The members are : Anne-F Jacques, Bonnie Jones, Elizabeth Millar, Liew Niyomkarn, Lynette Quek, Ryoko Akama, Suzueri, Valentina Villarroel and Veronica Cerrotta.

Peter Strickmann


This 12-minute video shows a close-up of an uncut sound performance with found objects and feedback manipulations. The entirely free improvisation is situated somewhere between a respectful letting-things-happen and an ambitious provoking-the-unpredictable. Various containers and cans, peas, rounds, balls, stones and a cymbal are used to create and manipulate the acoustic feedback while a selection of flowerpot shards colours the mood and demonstrates a sense of reliability.

The installations and performances of berlin-based soundartist Peter Strickmann are characterised by a simplicity of means and a philosophy of community. Listening – as a collective or highly individual activity and the production of sound – as an unavoidable product of everyday life – form the cornerstones of his exhibitions and performances. Strickmann studied Audiovisual Art with Christina Kubisch in Saarbrücken, Germany, and presents his work in a variety of contexts. He recieved fundings and stipends internationally, including Stiftung Kunstfonds, Goethe Institut, Künstlerhaus Bremen or Braunschweig PROJECTS a.o.. Some of his solo and ensemble- projects were published on cassette and vinyl by meudiademorte, SPAM, Rayon, Stenze Quo, Dazy&Holy, econore and Ana Ott.

Daisy Hildyard


‘Hear’ is a biography of an animal whose dominant sense is hearing. 

Daisy Hildyard is author of Hunters in the Snow, a novel, and The Second Body, an essay on human-animal encounters in the Anthropocene. A new novel, Emergency, is due in 2022. She is based in North Yorkshire. 

Atefeh Einali

Portrayed by Ruth Wiesenfeld in the framework of TOWARDS SOUND

TOWARDS SOUND creates portraits of artists working in the field of sound based arts with a particular focus on the transition between the conception of a new work and its materialization. Artifacts of sketching beyond notation, brought about in the very beginning of a creative endeavor, reveal the intellectual cosmos, aesthetics and sensibility of an artistic stance. They are complimented by excerpts from conversations about artistic practice, inspiration, doubt, moments of failure, and obsession.

Atefeh Einali currently resides in Manchester, UK. She has completed her master’s degree in composition at the University of Manchester. As graduate of the Art University of Tehran, she is also an active Santoor player and has performed in the UK, Netherlands and Iran. Her research interests include the musical possibilities of combining traditional Persian musical practices with Western contemporary musical practices considering musical parameters such as pitch, rhythm and timbre. Atefeh Einali was one of the winners of SIMF (ACIMIC= The Association of Iranian Contemporary Music Composers) competition in France in November 2018. She has been a co-composer in “Circle messages” album with Dr Melanie Chilianis from Melbourne, Australia, based on the merging of Eastern and Western intervals. With Eliorah Goodman, Atefeh founded the Avazad fusion ensemble, programming a combination of traditional music alongside experimental compositions they have created themselves.

Rebekah Alero - The Dandelion Project \\Archives\\

Seeing Eastman's almost total erasure from the canon made me reflect on how I wish to document myself and my ideas, while also sharing this space with others and what they find. Specifically for people of colour. Which is a direct response to the historical erasure of many non-white artists.

Rebekah Alero is a sound artist and composer.Working with both sound and image such as graphic scores, video and still image. They explore the use of documentation and research using these for their own self reflective works.They are currently focusing on the narrative of blackness within the context of archiving, and exploring ways in which these findings can be saved and preserved. Rebekah’s sound works and compositions focus on the voice and the use of digital and analogue experimentations with interests and influences in sonic hauntology.