Jane Dickson & Sebastian Lexer / Dominic Lash & Seth Cooke
Tess Denman-Cleaver / Stavroula Kounadea


Holywell Music Room, Holywell st, OX1 3SD

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SOLO (Jakob Ullmann)
Jane Dickson & Sebastian Lexer

SOLO -part of a collection of pieces titled “Book of Silence 1” – consists of two pieces for wind instruments, two pieces for keyboard and one piece for string instruments. The first piece was composed in 1992 (as part of and in reaction to discussions with John Cage about the role of chance operations in composition and presentation of music), the last one in 2014. Every piece can be played alone or in every combination with others from the same series. The musicians have elaborated the primary material contained in the 10 graphic scores as well as additional material and information. This process helps create a version that connects the vision of the piece itself to the ideas of both the musician and the composer. Due to the rules of the composer the performance is very soft. The sound of the piano is being enriched by pre-recorded and other sounds.

Jane Dickson is a Glasgow based composer and pianist. Her work questions notions of virtuosity and methods of production—particularly within the apparatus of opera—and often employs live electronics to unsettle and disrupt. Past performances and broadcasts include BBC Radio 4, ORF, LSO St. Luke’s and La Monnaie | De Munt. She has premiered two works by Jakob Ullmann; son imaginaire III (HCMF ’13) and solo V (Courtisane ’15). janedickson.net

Sebastian Lexer’s musical life is focused on free improvisation and the experimental. The role of technology has become increasingly integral in his music, reflected in his creation of the Piano+, an electroacoustic extension to the piano. His solo CD Dazwischen and various collaborations—including Steve Noble, Evan Parker, Eddie Prévost, Ute Kanngiesser and Seymour Wright—show the exciting soundworlds ‘in between’ the acoustic piano and the electroacoustic. Sebastian is a musician and lecturer, and develops interactive software for musicians and artists. A regular performance schedule has included concerts and radio broadcasts in Europe and the US. sebastianlexer.eu

Jakob Ullmann (born 1958) studied Church Music in Dresden in the late seventies and took private lessons in Composition in Berlin in the eighties. He completed a PhD in 2005 and since 2008 he has been a Professor for Composition, Music Notation and Music Theory at the Musikakademie Basel. jakob-ullman.com

Dominic Lash & Seth Cooke

Dominic Lash and Seth Cooke have played together since 2013. While their equipment and methods change frequently, their music usually exploits the way feedback processes relate – or fail to relate – to improvisation and composition. At Audiograft they will pair sine waves with resonating cymbals, a method that began with an attempt to recreate their third album, ‘Egregore’, for live performance but led to something new instead.

Dominic Lash is a freely improvising double bassist based in Bristol. His activities also include playing bass guitar and other instruments; writing and performing composed music; and writing about music and various other subjects (mainly cinema). He has performed with musicians such as Tony Conrad, Joe Morris, Evan Parker and the late Steve Reid. His main projects include the Dominic Lash Quartet and the Set Ensemble. Recent CD releases include Into Darkness with Stray (John Butcher, John Russell, Ståle Liavik Solberg) on Iluso and Uncanny Valley with Tin (Alex Dörner, Roger Turner) on Confront.

Seth Cooke is a sound recordist, drummer and process performer based in Bristol, UK. His location-based work explores aberrant mapping and perturbed environments. His solo performances involve feedback and resonance. As a percussionist he plays traps and waste disposal sink. He sometimes enjoys the flexibility of improvisation, open composition and field recording. He used to play drums for Hunting Lodge and Defibrillators. Current projects include a duo with Dominic Lash and the Every Contact Leaves a Trace CDr label. He co-founded the Bang the Bore collective with Clive Henry in 2009. sethcooke.eu

MOIRE (Thomas Martin Nutt)
Tess Denman-Cleaver

Tess’ current work combines analogue and digital projection, DIY radio broadcast technology, experimental print making and performance writing. She is using these tools to explore how technological advancements affected language and art practice the early twentieth century. For audiograft festival Tess will be employing these technologies and performance making strategies in her response to Martin Nutt’s Moire.

Tess Denman-Cleaver is an artist and performance maker based in Newcastle with a background in theatre. She is a programmer at The Northern Charter and recently completed a PhD in performance, landscape and philosophy at Newcastle University. Alongside the development of new body of work on the landscapes and philosophy of Virginia Woolf entitled Time Passes, Tess is Project Artist on Turner Contemporary’s 2018 Journeys with The Waste Land exhibition. Since 2010 she has acted as Artistic Director of performance company Tender Buttons, developing large scale performance events and participant-lead community projects. tenderbuttons.co.uk

As part of audiograft 2018, SARU is proud to release a double CD by Thomas Martin Nutt. Martin’s work with the physicality of interference takes place within the beating patterns of a multi-sensory field, a Moiré, and to celebrate his wonderful compositions, SARU invited a number of artists from around the world to realise his work. The release features interpretations by Tetuzi Akiyama, Harriet Butler, Sarah Hennies, Ryu Hankil, Ko Ishikawa, David Lacey, Sally Ann McIntyre, Will Montgomery, Joseph Clayton Mills, Shirley Pegna, Rie Nakajima & Marie Roux, Samuel Rodgers, Lo Wie, and Keiko Yamamoto. You can find out more about the release at the SARU website sonicartresearch.co.uk

For Screams & Strings
Stavroula Kounadea

For Screams and Strings is a dialogue between a stringed up room and the possibilities of the human scream. This performance, created specifically to respond to the acoustic and spatial properties of the Holywell Music Room, brings together the two titular elements of making sound and lets them dance wildly with one another. The scream – as a shield and as a weapon, before language was there and when language has failed us – becomes the line between freedom and oppression, between surviving and giving in to the external forces.

Stavroula Kounadea is a performance and theatre maker, with a particular interest in self-identity, personal mythologies and popular culture. She often uses physical transformations and vocal manipulations in her work, sometimes to the extent of assuming the identity of fictional characters or using aliases. She has created work under the name Alison Vane and given talks as Dr. Misha Maglev. Even though her roots are in contemporary theatre and performance, Stavroula has always flirted with music and sound. She’s been a vocalist for noise band Elapse-O and fronted the avant-rock music collective Nonstop Tango. Stavroula is also one half of Readymade Theatre. She is an Associate Lecturer in Art and Music at Oxford Brookes University.  stavroulakounadea.com