audiograft LAUNCH


OVADA 14A Osney Ln, Oxford OX1 1NJ

A first opportunity to experience the installations by Kathy Hinde, Sally Ann McIntyre, Simon Blackmore and Sarah Hughes.

Live performances by Austin Sherlaw-Johnson and Kathy Hinde.

Monument for a Dead Poet
by Austin Sherlaw – Johnson

(dur. 10mins)

Monument for a Dead Poet is a short, dramatic occurence involving metal ammunition boxes and feedback, inspired by the act of balancing on the edge of a swimming pool.

Austin Sherlaw-Johnson is a composer and performance artist who works in a variety of media. Recent work includes: Explicit Sounds (six actions for one performer), Making a Box as Quickly as Possible (video), Anti-Conceptualism (installation), Six Myths of Contemporary Art (piece for two performers), John Cage and Teeny Duchamp Play Chess in front of a Live Audience (theatre piece for two performers), 88 Notes for Piano (composition), You’re Beautiful (musical piece for two performers), 2704 Card Pickup (piece for solo performer), You Can Do Anything You Set Your Mind To (piece for solo performer).

Twittering Machines
by Kathy Hinde

(dur. 10mins)

Humankind maintains an ongoing fascination with attempts to decipher, understand and categorise birdsong and animal communication.

Twittering Machines invites us to ponder upon these fascinations, and plays with birdsong imitation, translation, message sending, encryption, interference, miscommunications, and mappings. Language and vocalisations can express metaphors through poetry and abstractions through music and song.

A dansette record player spins a vinyl recording of John Keat’s ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ translated into Morse Code. Software listens in and translates the code back into text. Extraneous sounds in the room detected by the software interfere with the translation, interrupting the Keats poem. Mechanical music boxes sporadically spur into action creating tinkling melodies devised from mappings of images of migrating birds and their flightpaths. A Bavarian bird imitator cheerfully whistles the songs of local birds amongst the hum of radios intermittently receiving signals from each other and the surrounding chirping objects.

Twittering Machines starts as a live sonic art performance and evolves into an installation crated from remnants and artefacts used in the performance.

Software programmed by Matthew Olden Expanded from a Commission for TÖNE Festival 2014 with further development on a Cryptic winter residency at Cove Park 2018.

Kathy Hinde’s work grows from a partnership between nature and technology expressed through audio-visual installations and performances that combine sound, sculpture, image light and location. Kathy frequently works in collaboration with other practitioners and scientists She has shown work extensively across Europe, China, Pakistan, USA, Canada, Colombia, Mexico, Brazil and New Zealand. Kathy became a Cryptic associate in 2015. She received an Honorary Mention at Prix Ars Electronica in 2015, was runner up for the Sonic Arts Award and the Aesthetica Art Prize in 2014. In 2017, Kathy received an ORAM Award and a British Composer Award.