Clara de Asís & David Lacey / Judith Hamann / Sally Ann Mcintyre / Rebekah Alero


Clara de Asís & David Lacey

Yace alguien is a piece for percussion, guitar, and two performers. It is built from the association of a series of sound elements to a series of words, whose different combination form autonomous and meaning-free poetic images. Yace alguien / el agua / cae alguien / yace Alguien / el agua / cae / yace alguien / el agua Someone lies down / the water / falls someone / lies down Someone / the water / falls / someone lies down / the water This piece was composed in 2020 for the duo David Lacey and Clara de Asís, to be performed at Audiograft festival.

Judith Hamann

Goose Apparations
Judith presents a collection of embryonic explorations falling under the broader umbrella of 'goose studies,' collating recent writing, performing, and thinking about geese. Drawing on research begun during a three month period sharing an island in Finland with a host of barnacle geese last year, thinking-with barnacle geese calls into question how we construct, and in turn how we might dissolve or alter how we perceive categories, marvels, and time. Here, Judith collects together work-in-progress fragments, responding to geese in all their simultaneous holding together of gaggle and skein, tangled and clear, mirabilia and mundane, they become (and in turn Judith also becomes) apparition, mark makers, maps, haunts.

Sally Ann Mcintyre

'The weight of a feather in 1907' is a relational re-thinking of the bifurcated subject/object dualism involved in collecting, with a focus on listening to an extinct bird which was never recorded.

Clara de Asís is a composer and performer highlighting simplicity, indetermination and active listening as compositional means.  Her current projects include collaborations with Mara Winter, Léo Dupleix, Rebecca Lane, and Ryoko Akama. Her music has been released by labels such as PiedNu (France), Insub (Switzerland), Marginal Frequency (USA), Another Timbre (UK), Elsewhere (USA), and Pilgrim Talk (USA). She is the co- founder of Discreet Editions, and curates the Ernestine concert series since 2018.

David Lacey is a musician from Dublin, working at the intersection between improvisation and composition. He uses percussion, objects, field recordings, cassettes and crude electronics, as well as making studio constructions. He has performed and recorded with musicians such as Rhodri Davies, Keith Rowe, Annette Krebs and Derek Bailey. Current projects include duo collaborations with David Donohoe, Patrick Farmer & Andrew Fogarty, groups with Aonghus McEvoy & Ailbhe Nic Oireachtaigh and the Reception concert series, which he organises with composers Rob Casey & Conal Ryan.

Judith Hamann is a performer and composer from Narrm/Melbourne, one of ‘Australia’s foremost contemporary-music cellists’ (RealTime Arts). Her current work focuses on an examination of ‘shaking’ in her solo performance practice and the creation of new works for cello and humming. Hamann has worked with artists and ensembles including Dennis Cooper, Sarah Hennies, Yvette Janine Jackson, Áine O’Dwyer, Alvin Lucier, Eliane Radigue and La Monte Young. She has performed widely at festivals including the LA Phil Fluxus Festival and Aural in Mexico City. Hamann holds a Doctor of Musical Arts from University of California, San Diego, majoring in contemporary cello performance under the supervision of Charles Curtis.

Sally Ann Mcintyre is an Australian/New Zealand writer and sound/radio artist whose recent work has focused on the relation of species extinction to the poetics and politics of memory, cultural practices of listening within settler-colonial cultures, and residual materialities which attend the archival audio storage artifact. She is the operator of the small-radius transmission art project station radio cegeste.

Rebekah Alero - The Dandelion Project \\Archives\\

The Dandelion Archives came to light towards the end of my research into composer ; Julius Eastman. I was taken aback by the lack of documentation on him and on other black composers from the past.

Throughout my research into Eastman I began to reflect on what archiving meant for me and my own practice and research. For me, the act of archiving is to create something tangible for myself, something to exist quite literally between my fingertips, something that I felt was missing when looking into Eastman.

Rebekah Alero is a sound artist and composer.Working with both sound and image such as graphic scores, video and still image. They explore the use of documentation and research using these for their own self reflective works.They are currently focusing on the narrative of blackness within the context of archiving, and exploring ways in which these findings can be saved and preserved. Rebekah’s sound works and compositions focus on the voice and the use of digital and analogue experimentations with interests and influences in sonic hauntology.